Vilma Santos disagreed on P1, 000 Budget For CHR In 2018

Lipa City Representative Vilma Santos-Recto was opposing on the P1, 000 budget for Commission on Human Rights (CHR) in 2018.

House of Representatives approved the bill, which becomes one of the most-discussed topics today. If the bill will be approved, CHR might be abolished next year.

Luiz Manzano clarifies that his mother Vilma Santos was not among the 119 House Representative member who voted for the approval of proposed P1, 000 budget next year for CHR, which was opposed by 32 congressmen.

The statement of Manzano came following the rumors stating that his mother was in favor of the proposed budget for the Commission.

“First, my mom is against the 1k budget of the CHR. Second, she wasn’t able to vote since she was about to be confined and was/is under meds,” wrote by Manzano in his Tweeter post, via

Luiz also shared the text message of Vilma Santos expressing her opposition to cutting the budget for CHR.

My mom’s clarificatory message regarding the CHR issue 🙂 and yes, she always makes lambing with extra “s” ❤️❤️❤️

— Luis Manzano (@luckymanzano) September 13, 2017

The Star For All Seasons also said that she was not able to attend the Tuesday session, but will report to duty on Wednesday (September 13, 2017).

  • Ronualdo Gabaldon