Video of an American man living in the Philippines who defended Pres. Duterte went viral

An American citezen who lives in the Philippines defended President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte in a viral video.

Undeniably, since the 71-year-old man assumed the highest position in the country, many drugs users have surrendered to the authorities after he has continuously warned them.

Based on a previous news report, the 71-year-old president expressed that there is no stepping back. His remark came along with a thick pile of papers containing the names of drug suspects.

However, the allegation of extrajudicial killings happening in the country has also hit the headlines recently as numerous deaths happened in the previous months.

Recently, a news report in News Info Learn featured the video of an American man named Stephen who defended the Philippine President. Stephen is living in the country.

Based on the news report, in the video coming from 108morris108, Stephen expressed in the interview that in the last six months, the crime rate in the country has decreased to around 25%. He even regarded it as ‘phenomenal’ according to the report.

Stephen expressed that he did not see killings and police authorities dragging bodies of people as they walk down the streets. The American man even said that ‘it’s peaceful’.

The American also emphasized that there are lots of bad reports about Pres. Duterte most especially in the American press according to the report.

He said that the President is not being liked for his decision to get away from the control of America and for not allowing them to engage in the military exercises.

Stephen also expressed that he does not believe on extrajudicial killings being ordered by Pres. Duterte based on the report. He attributed the killings to the dealers of drugs killing their ‘informants’ and that the Duterte regime receives the blame.

The American man shared that he has been here in the country for three years already and he has always felt safe in the Philippines. He has never experienced attack or threats and he has never had a problem.