Take A Short Trip To Vice Ganda’s Luxurious House

Here is the sneak peek of comedian Vice Ganda’s elegant and luxurious house as a fruit of his hard work in showbiz.

Jose Marie Borja Viceral or popularly known as Vice Ganda is a Filipino actor, comedian, television host, fashion icon, endorser, and a recording artist. He has been already featured in different movie projects, television shows, and commercial.

Recently, the YouTube channel “The PINOY Channel” has uploaded the video of Vice Ganda showing his elegant and luxurious home.

The comedian also shows the gift he receives from some of his fans and celebrity friends.

In the video, it can be seen that the celebrity was showing his living room and started to walk around the house.

The The 41-year-old host also introduced his housekeepers calling the “Mga Anak” and shows his walk-in closet full of signature clothes and shoes.

The actor also goes to his bedroom showing his pillow with the image of James Reid. He even also shows their bathroom, which looks so good and fresh.

Watch the video for full details: