Sec. Mar Roxas ’ Post As Alleged ‘Nutrition Secretary’ went viral

A post of forformer Department of Interior and Local Government Sec. Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas went viral on the social media. In his post on his Facebook account, the Interior Secretary stated that he recommends ‘scrambled eggs’ for the ‘scrambled brains’ being the alleged secretary of nutrition.

The post of Roxas has already reached more than two thousand and six hundred shares in less than fifteen hours since it was posted by the former DILG Secretary. Many netizens have dropped their comments on the post of Roxas.

Evelyn Posadas commented:
[My president, if you were the president Philippines would not be this chaotic.]

June Gemini commented:
[Secretary of Nutrition, cook a healthy food for the trolls for they are going crazy due to the fentanyl that they are taking.]

Allemar Jhone commented:
[Eat that scrambled egg that you have cooked. You are the one who cooked it and you are the one who will eat it. You just insulted yourself.]