Robredo’s Pair Of Shoes Worn In A Photo went viral on the social media

A photo entailing a question about the pair of shoes worn by Vice Pres. Leni Robredo went viral on the social media.

Undeniably, Vice Pres. Robredo has been one of the talks of the town on the social media lately as certain posts about the Vice President have abruptly circulated on the platform and caught the attention of the online community.

Another photo of Vice Pres. Robredo went viral on the social media after the pair of shoes that she has worn on the photo has been spotted.

The photo has been posted on the Facebook page GetRealPhilippines.COM. The question in the photo reads: “Is Leni Robredo using a $700 pair of shoes to walk around muddy typhoon-stricken areas in one of her infamous photo ops?”

Furthermore, an arrow pointing to her pair of shoe questions if it is a Salvatore Ferragamo. The caption of the photo stated that not similar to her late husband, Vice Pres. Robredo “may never be known for her ‘tsinelas’ leadership”.

Many netizens have dropped their reactions on the commentaries section of the post.

Rudy Jake Quimsing commented:
[When will the PR team of Robredo stop from their foolishness? And above them all, Leni has a higher position in being a fool.]

Dexter Atizado commented:
[Wow even the shoes of Leni were noticed? She is the Vice President of the Philippines do you want her to wear wooden shoes? Teach your President to dress decently and not like a boy on the streets. He’s no longer a mayor of Davao. It is embarrassing to other world leaders. It goes back to you.]

  • o5k33

    Dapat nag bota sya di ung mamahalin na sapatos. common sense lang po Leni, Na Fashion Pulis tuloy sya ng netizens,