Pinoy netizen tried the 52-week money challenge and saves P69K went viral

Pinoy netizens went viral after he dares to try the “the 52-week money challenge” and saved P69,000 after finishing the challenge.

Many created their own challenges even without any advocacies to serve. They just wanted to do it for fun and to get famous online as well.

Most of these challenges have originated from all over the world but there are some locally made ones that have made an impact in Pinoys.

The presence of social media and how fast online contents can spread in a snap of a finger paved the way to stories of people from all over the world. Considering the number of people who consume social media articles day and night, one can be a star without having to go to huge television networks.

Just like this story as an example.

Due to a variety of trending challenges that netizens dare to try out, one Pinoy netizen tried a challenge that is not only fun but will also let one earn money.

The challenge was called as “the 52-week money challenge.”

Jb Dionisio shared how he done the money challenge and saved P69,000.

Dionisio took to facebook and shared that he dare to try out and completed the “52-week money challenge.

In his Facebook post, he revealed that started in P50, grew P69,000.

He also posted some photos on his Facebook account as a proof. He showed that he printed out the money challenge plan and posted it on his bamboo alkansya which he used as a motivation to “save money without noticing it.”

JB Dionisio said that in the first week of 2016, he began his P50 premium savings.

In the second week, he doubled it and made money stored P100. He added in the third week of P50 to P150 gross premiums into his savings.

Every week, he increases the amount he collected P50.

“Kung kaya mo i-motivate yung sarili mo, magagawa mo siya. As long as committed ka doon sa challenge na ‘yon. Kahit naman sabihin mong nagigipit ka, may way pa rin,” paliwanag ni Dionisio. He said.

In his Facebook account, JB shared a tip for those inspired by the 52-week money challenge.

“Last January 2016, I printed and pasted the 52-week money challenge plan on this bamboo Alkansya. Hoping this will give me the motivation to save money without noticing it.

After 52 weeks, I stuck to it and finally completed the 52 Week Money Challenge!” He wrote.

His story went viral on the social media!

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