Pinoy Handicraft Maker Creates Unique, Wonderful Souvenirs Went Viral On Social Media

Another Pinoy handicraft maker went viral after his amazing and high-quality handicrafts was posted by a certain netizen in the social media.

Facebook user Henry Ngan shared photos of Tatay Romanito Carlos, a street vendor in Manila who uses his hands to create intricately wonderful display objects made from wire and metal.

People in the Philippines were uniquely talented and able to create something different coming out from their own ideas. Some Filipinos have also the expertise in creating weird, unique, and amazing handicrafts, which will surely attract people’s attention.

The 52-year-old Carlito Romanillos is one of those Filipinos, who has wild imagination in creating unique and wonderful handicrafts. In his every masterpiece people can see his dedication through his very diligent craftsmanship.

Tatay Carlito making those handicrafts out of aluminum or copper wire then he designs it according to his preference. He has a car, motorcycle, jeepney, bike, vintage vehicles, and other handicraft design made of wire.

The old man sells his handicrafts for P2, 000 – P7, 000, but it varies depending on the size and design of handicrafts. Tatay Carlito is very determined and persevered in making his handicrafts. Tatay Carlito can be contacted on his phone no. #09164772501.

Instead of buying Christmas gifts from big companies who want profit, profit and even more profit, why not support small businesses instead?

His handicrafts draw attention on the social media. Many netizens give their positive comments and praises for the old man. Some of them would like to help Tatay Carlito by purchasing some of his handicrafts.