Panasonic launches “Invisible TV”, the Coolest TV at CEATEC Japan

Panasonic has revealed an improved version of its “invisible TV” in a recently conducted annual trade show Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) in Japan.

The company demonstrated a bright, crispier display which turns into a completely transparent glass when turned off. It showed how the TV can be converted into a role of plain glass panel for a cabinet.

Panasonic launched the first prototype of the “invisible TV” at the International Consumer Electronics Show held earlier this year in Las Vegas, USA. The previous version uses LED technology; however, the new screen has been upgraded to a new OLED display technology which produces clearer and brighter images even against a bright background.

The TV is also featured with motion gestures control similar to what is seen in sci-fi Hollywood movies like Avengers and Minority Report.

According to an article by Ethiopian DJ, a thin mesh has been embedded in a glass panel to make this display. Users can even use it as a sliding panel; just like panels of cabinets.

The OLED displays put a fine plastic layer between two electrodes over a glass slab, so, when there’s no electric signal, the display looks transparent.

People were claiming that there won’t be any prominent advancement in the field of television with the arrival of 4K displays. However, big technology players like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic has come up with path breaking technologies like foldable and transparent displays in recent years.

The disappointment among the users is that the TV is still just a prototype design and is not available on the market currently. The TV will be available to buy only after three years or so, according to company representatives.