Palace: Philippines did not pay all during US President Barack Obama’s state visit

Palace did not pay for all of the expenses of US President Barack Obama during state visit.

Based on international standards, Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda explained the host government is not compelled to pay for the expenses of the entire visiting delegation.

Lacierda still could not say how much was spent during the 2-day state visit.

“Wala pang amount na pino-provide ang [Office of the President]. Once we get the amount, we will inform you… The host government pays only for the accommodation and, travel or the vehicles of the – not the entire swath of people who came with President Obama – but only one [Obama] plus 10,” he said.

He also cited Obama brought with him his own vehicles like the Air Force One, the Marine One, and The Beast, or the presidential limousine.

Lacierda added the government did not pay for the expenses of the US Secret Service that secures the President of the United States.

“We didn’t pay for the Secret Service… All we paid for as part of the state visit is the accommodations of the head of state plus his official delegation,” he said.

Obama visited the Philippines from April 28 to April 29. He was accorded the usual honors and feted in a state dinner.

Malacanang, meanwhile expressed satisfaction at Obama’s assurance that the US will defend the country.

“The statement of President Obama and the statements of the other US officials who have spoken before him show a consistency in our position. And they have given their word. We have treaties on hand to invoke should the case arise. We have this Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement that we just recently signed,” he said.

He also noted Obama’s statement that the alliance is “ironclad.”

Lacierda said “there can be no greater assurance than that.”