PAL, Cebu Pacific Asked By Duterte To Provide Special Flights For Distressed OFWs In Kuwait

President Duterte will ask PAL and, Cebu Pacific, to provide special flights for the repatriation of the distressed OFWs in Kuwait.

Mr. President said in a speech that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who wanted to come home due to abuse could go home with no cost.

He said that the government will be the one who will facilitate the repatriation of the OFWs in Kuwait who wanted to go out within 72 hours.

Mr. Duterte wants OFW’s who want to go home because of abuse to immediately leave Kuwait because every hour there is suffering and agony.

“So everyone who wants to come home, I said to Secretary Bello, those who want to be repatriated, with or without money, I will ask PAL and Cebu Pacific to provide the transportation,” Duterte said quoted by Inquirer.

Duterte pleaded the government of Kuwait properly treat the Filipino workers after the reports of a dead Pinay maid has found inside a freezer of an apartment.

He also expressed his anger towards the alleged abuse in Kuwait wherein Filipino workers receive low and delayed salaries, rape, and even starvation.