OFW allegedly stabbed her employer, Jumps off the Window to Escape

A certain Zenlie Upam posted on her Facebook account a photo of a Filipino domestic helper who was seen dead on the ground. She then called for help from fellow “kababayans” by sharing her post until the OFW’s relatives and friends came to know what happened to her.

Based on the comments, the victim was identified as Adel Atos Degracia who was working at #5 Dier Ghbar area.

According to one comment, the OFW allegedly stabbed her employer inside the rest room while taking a bath. Many then speculated that after doing it, she jumped on the window to escape but unfortunately, she had made a faulty landing on the ground.

It was learned that a few days ago, the ofw was not feeling fell but then she was still forced by her employer to work.

Another OFW who had commented on the post speculated that it was the male employer who might stabbed his wife and had pushed the Pinay out of the window so that there isn’t any witness to the crime. She had come up with the idea as there isn’t any blood stain seen on the clothes of the Pinay who was dressed in maid’s uniform.

However, many who wrote on the comment’s section said it would be hard to speculate on what really happened and it would be best if they would just wait for the whole story to come out. They said they will offer prayers to the OFW and to the bereaved family.

As of this writing, the real story behind the incident wasn’t still known. As investigations are still on-going, hopefully in the coming days, the story will come out clearly.