Nuclear science and technology can contribute a lot of benefits To Agriculture Industry

Nuclear science and technology can contribute a lot of benefits to the environment, medicine and agriculture industry in the country.

On December 5 to 9, 2016, the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute will open its door to the public. During these dates, PNRI-DOST will celebrate the 44th Atomic Energy Week. This event of the agency will show the importance of nuclear technology in agriculture.

PNRI-DOST will feature the latest advances in nuclear science and technology, which will focus on the theme “Teknolohiyang Nukleyar para sa Kaunlaran ni Juan.”

Free guided tours to the exhibits, selected PNRI facilities, and laboratories will provide by the institute to the researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and the public. On December 05 to 06, the benefits of application of nuclear science and technology will be presented by the experts during their technical session.

On December 07, 2016, the Philippine Nuclear Youth Summit (PNYC) will be held to serve as a forum for the youth. This activity aims to share the knowledge and information to the high school, college students, and also to the young professionals to inspire them to pursue a career in nuclear science.

In Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and Iloilo, a multi-location trial was observed through the irradiation of carrageenan extracted from seaweed and further degraded into particles. These particles have been proven to boost rice yield from 15 to 30 percent.

Carrageenan Plant Growth Regulator (CPGR) is the product which was observed to produce more tillers. This product helps the plant to fight bacterial leaf blight and tungo virus. It also strengthens the stem of a plant and gives more resistant to lodging.

Also, late national scientist, Dr. Benito S. Vergara has irradiated the bud sticks he used for grafting and budding which enable him to produce an almost seedless calamansi and more juice can be obtained from this calamansi.

PNRI also irradiated millions of male fruit flies to make them sterile and to mate with female fruit flies in the mango plantation in Guimaras which results to eggs that never hatched. Irradiation is also useful to produce a mutant ornamental plant. PNRI was able to produce a dwarf kamuning similar to bonsai. These are only some benefits of nuclear technology to the agriculture.