Netizens laud post about Philippine President being praised in Russian newspaper went viral

Despite the criticisms and ‘punches’ he get, either local or international, there are those who admire president Duterte and his tough-stance in fighting crime and corruption.

As example, reports say that Indonesia is looking at the possibility of emulating the Philippines’ tough campaign against illegal drugs by bolstering its own police force with additional manpower and heavier firepower.

And just recently, a Facebook post went viral about President Duterte’s “smartness and courage” being on a Russian newspaper and how the article made an impact to him and OFWs in Russia.

As shared by GJ Emeka Johnson, a Russian Duterte supporter who lives in Moscow, he was amazed and surprised that the Philippine leader is also popular in Russia despite his controversial statement, purportedly, in reference to US President Barack Obama.

His full post goes:

To: President Rodrigo Duterte
From: George ‘GJ Emeka Johnson’ Johnson, Inter Staff Moscow.
Location: Moscow, Russia

Dear Mr President,

When I opened Russian newspaper today and saw your photo in there, I was really amazed. Amazed….. and happy. There is a short article how Obama is afraid asking you [a] questions, because he knows that your replies are brilliant. They are on the highest diplomatic level, that can make shut up anybody….. This article is the proof that your smartness and courage are known already everywhere, even here in Russia.

Me and OFWS here wish you all the best… we wish you never give up because you’re the last hope for the Philippines. You’re the last angel who came not to talk but to do. We love you, Mr President Rodrigo Duterte!