Netizen shares what he noticed during the State of the City Address of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte

Social media user Chito Samontina shares what he had noticed during the State of the City Address of the Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.

Presidential daughter Sara Zimmerman Duterte goes viral recently because of her photo during her State of the City Address.

Inday Sara Duterte is currently the mayor of the Davao City and for that matter, she is the city’s first woman mayor and is the youngest to be elected.

And lately, the social media user on his self-entitled Facebook page posted photos of the female mayor during her State of the City Address.

The post has a written caption which exactly indicates:


Today as the City Mayor of Davao, Inday Sara Duterte, delivers her State of the City Address, I noticed something that stood out. Sure, it’s her. But it’s more than that. Look at the photos below, the mayor is wearing an office uniform same as the rest of the government employees when she could have worn a gown or whatever. Why is this a big deal for me? Because this only proves that our mayor is indeed a woman of fairness, equality, and humility. I am still in awe. Oh, mayor, you always make me feel proud.”

As of this writing, the post had already gathered more than 53,000 reactions and was shared for more that 8,800 times.

One netizen even left a comment which told, ” A good leader is a good follower. Gov’t employees should emulate Mayor Sarah’s na, mabait pa! Godbless her hear!”

“That is the very first thing, I noticed while watching… Inday Sarah- truly is the epitome of grace, beauty, intelligence and humility,” another one has stated.

  • Ronualdo Gabaldon