Netizen claimed that reportedly, Isabel Granada has been out of a coma

A social media user has reportedly claimed that the actress Isabel Granada has been out of comatose state.

Several days ago, a report has exploded in the news indicating that the actress Isabel Granada has fallen into a state of comatose after suffering cardiac arrest.

She also reportedly diagnosed to have a massive internal bleeding in the head or brain hemorrhage and an Aneurysm.

Based on a previous report, she was rushed to the Heart Hospital Hamad Medical Corp.

Accordingly, even, she has suffered six cardiac arrests.

And a day ago as per a follow-up report, a relative of the actress has informed that Isabel remained unconscious at the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) of the hospital.

Her vital signs are good and that she is responding positively to the numerous ongoing tests.

And now, the family and the people close to the actress are asking for prayers for the fast recovery of the actress.

And lately, a seemingly good news with regards to the state of the actress has surfaced in social media site Twitter.

The post is from a certain Earnest Observer in the said widely used social networking site.

Accordingly, the post wrote, “Isabel Granada is reportedly out of coma na daw, but still in critical condition. Continue to pray for her, ADN.”

She may still be in a critical condition but the reported news of her surviving the state could be an indication that she is recovering.

As per the comment, the same netizen has stated, “Heard it sa CNNPhils; it says she’s okay but still critical, under observation. They did not elaborate further. It was only a breaking news.”

Furthermore, “Stable but still critical, I heard. I figured she still has a long way from recovery but at least healing one baby step at a time.”