Netizen claimed bottles sold in Divisoria are Bactec bottles

Social media user Neil Maurice Alcantara claimed in his post that the bottles sold in Divisoria as giveaway items are Bactec bottles.

‘Bactec bottles are used in blood testing to culture possible bacterial and yeast infection’ in the person’s ‘bloodstream’. He also emphasized something in the bottle which he referred to as ‘fluorescent sensors’.

Interesting updates in the social media circulates abruptly. Usually, if a post entails a very important issue or a jaw-dropping topic, it can reach numerous shares in just a short span of time.

Recently, a post of a netizen went viral in social media after he claimed that the bottles sold as giveaway items in Divisoria are Bactec bottles.

Neil Maurice Alcantara, a microbiologist as he has stated in one of his replies to a comment in the post, posted in his Facebook account a collage of the photos of the bottles sold in Divisoria.

In the caption of the post, he stated that the bottles look familiar to him. He then claimed that those were ’empty Bactec bottles’. Alcantara further explained in the post about the Bactec bottles.

Alcantara expressed in the caption of his post that it is ‘quite alarming’. He ended it by telling the public not to buy the giveaway item.

The post has already reached 8,238 shares as of Wednesday and gained numerous commentaries from the netizens.

Mhyles Magabilin commented: [I have also seen that in Tondo being cleaned by the mothers there.]

Refinnej Zednanref commented: [That is the bottle that I have seen in Tabora in Divisoria. Sometimes, I can also see that in those selling souvenirs online and there are candies placed inside it.]