Las Vegas Resident caught on a video allegedly denigrating the Filipino people

A video featuring a resident of Las Vegas allegedly denigrating the Filipino people went viral on the social media.

Nowadays, news reports and as well as personal stories can circulate abruptly due to the presence of the social media platforms. On the social media, lots of reports about political issues are circulating and netizens most of the time express their stand on the issue.

Aside from the serious news reports about the politics, updates about the lives of famous celebrities also circulate on the said platform. That is one of the reasons why there are people who turn to the social media in looking for the latest news updates.

However, what can be found on the platform are not just reports and updates and as well as the neverending debate of the netizens over certain matters. There are netizens who share their personal experiences or the events that they have witnessed just like Facebook user Dexter Manawat.

Manawat posted on his Facebook account a video showing a woman resident of Las Vegas allegedly denigrating her Filipino neighbor and as well as the Filipino people.

An argument about the scattered leaves outside the house of the woman sparked the incident according to the news report. Later on, the woman neighbor took a broom and then started to speak intense words.

The resident of Las Vegas even compared the Filipino to ‘orange savages’ as stated in her statement on the report. The next statements aired out by the woman were really unexpected and so intense as heard on the video of Manawat that was posted on YouTube.

Furthermore, the news report entailed that Manawat really posted the video on his Facebook account and many netizens have watched the video. However, the Facebook user, later on, removed it as he believes that abuse is not the solution to the problem.

she expressed that many people are angry and are looking for the Las Vegas woman resident according to the news report. Manawat expressed that we should pray for the softening of the heart of the woman instead of look for her.

According to the news, KTNV, later on, reported that the woman realized that what she has done is not right and then she asked for an apology for what she did.