Lacson reacted on the news that officials of PNP have big cash gifts from Duterte

Senator Panfilo Lacson questioned the source of funds for the cash gifts given to the officials of Philippine National Police.

This was after it was announced by police chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa during their Christmas party at the PNP national headquarters in Camp Crame on Monday.

Dela Rosa said high-ranking officials will receive cash gifts ranging from P50,000 to P400,000 from President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to him, only key police officials, including dela Rosa, will receive Christmas bonus of P50,000 to P400,000 from the chief executive.

“Sa mga key officers, mga director, deputy, ex-o, chief of staff… hanggang provincial directors meron,” the PNP chief said.

He added that the amount that will be given to the officials of PNP will be based on their ranks and positions.

According to dela Rosa, police officials ranked chief superintendent will receive P100,000 each,

“Iyong key positions. Eh alangan naman bigyan mo iyong hindi nakaposisyon. Performance must be based on the position, hindi ba?” he said.

He added: “Natural sa akin malaki. Sa akin pinakamalaki, ako ang chief, PNP eh. Apat na star. Tig-P100,000 ang star.”

On Tuesday, Senator Lacson reacted saying: “Kung government funds, ang magiging issue paano mo ili-liquidate. Kung private source naman, magkakaroon din ng issue. Bawal tumanggap ng regalo.”

He noted that intelligence funds cannot be used to fund bonuses for government workers.

Lacson also questioned whether taxes for the supposed cash gifts were withheld, like all the case with any other bonus given to government workers.

He also proposed to the PNP to divide the bonus and distribute them equally among all PNP personnel regardless of rank.

According to the PNP chief, the Christmas bonus is only limited to key officers because Duterte does not have enough money to provide for all policemen.

“Hindi naman kaya ni President bigyan lahat. While gusto niya bigyan lahat up to last, PO1 (Police Officer 1), NUP (non-uniformed personnel) wala na mangyari. Hindi kakayanin ng pera, kung saan niya hananapin ang pera na ‘yan, but that’s enough for us dahil first time nangyari dito sa PNP na meron talagang cash gift na nangyayari sa Malacañang,” Dela Rosa.

He added that he was not sure where Duterte got the money, but gave an assurance to the public that it did not come from drugs. He said it could have been taken from the intelligence fund of Office of the President.

“Kunin niyo pamasko na galing kay presidente. Love na love niya yung PNP kaya ganon. Lahat tayo happy,” Dela Rosa said.

However, Dela Rosa took back his statement, saying no cash bonus will be coming from the Palace.

But despite the statement of the PNP chief, a high official of the PNP admitted having received the bonus supposedly from Palace.