Indonesian netizen claims that they want Duterte as their President Goes Viral

Indonesian netizen took to social media and claims that their country needs President of the Philippines as their President caught the attention of the online community.

Duterte was known all over the world for his war against drug use in the country.

In his first week as President, several names of the biggest drug lords were publicized. In the first 22 days of Duterte’s iron fist, 239 drug suspects were slain in police operations.

Because of this, he became the center of the controversy. He weathered criticisms from both local and international press and organization.

In a recent news report of Pinoy Viral news, an Indonesian netizen Erdini Firdiansyah commented on the video of Duterte that was posted by AJ+ Facebook page.

Facebook user Erdini Firdiansyah stated in her comment that the number of corruption in Indonesia is still in the top 5, in the world.

“The number of corruption in Indonesia is still in the top 5, in the world. So Philippines, if you don’t want him, we (Indonesians) want to have him here,” she said.

Netizens were quick and responded on the comment of the Indonesian netizen.

“No you can’t take our President. He is the one we’ve all waiting and dreaming for.we love our President. He has too many Enemies because they are Jealous and they do such Crime. We will Protect our President from Them,” netizen said.

The current president of Indonesia is Joko Widodo (popularly known as Jokowi) actually has a lot of similarities with the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to a report, both has a lot of similarities in their stand against the in the illegal drugs and in their wish in their transparency in the government to avoid corruption.