Former Vice Mayor Surrendered And willing to go to rehab For Drug Use

President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti crime campaign have thoroughly began and shockingly many drug users and pushers have surrendered and is now under the care of the government for rehabilitation. Duterte administration has officially started for more or less than a week and yet, the change he had promised have been very apparent in terms of drug opposition.

Former Sagay Vice Mayor–Joseph Gerald Maranon have surrendered and is willing to go to rehab according to senior superintendent Senoron of the provincial police. The police authorities were shocked when he surrendered accompanied by his friend.

The willing surrender of both users and pushers grants them immunity with the condition that they will comply to government terms such as rehabilitation.

  • juan san juan

    they say most of the dead drug criminals are poor. they’re wrong, whether rich or poor doesn’t really matter, you just have to be smart.