Filipino-American Acquired A Position Under Trump Administration On The White House

A Filipino-American Ninio Joseph Fetalvo has been appointed as assistant press secretary under Trump administration at the White House.

On the previous weeks, 45th U.S President Donald Trump had his inaugural speech and preparations for taking his office. The gap after the election up to the inaugural speech will allow Trump to choose and appoint his cabinet members.

The 23-year-old Filipino-American acquired a government position under Donald Trump’s administration. Fetalvo was a son of Filipino immigrant in Southwest Florida. He was born and grew up in the same place.

Ninio has studied at the George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs taking up a course of bachelor of arts in political communications. He has finished his college course in just three years and already served for the 2016 Republican National Convention as deputy director of media affairs.

Fetalvo also served the Republican National Committee (RNC) as Florida communications director and as a spokesman. Ninio works on engaging Asian American communities across the United States as RNC’s Asian Pacific American press secretary. RNC give its message providing an equal opportunity to all.

The newly appointed assistant press secretary will perform his duty such as portfolios of numerous issues facing by U.S. Those portfolios will discuss education, health care veteran’s affairs, and transportation.

Surely Filipinos were proud of him due to his achievements and for being a part of Trump’sadministration in the White House.dgdtttt