Faster Browsing Through DICT’s National Broadband Plan To Implement in 2017

DICT (Department of Information and Communication Technology), will implement its national broadband plan in 2017, for a high-speed internet connection.

In Philippine Business Conference and Expo in Pasay City, at the sidelines of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), DICT Undersecretary Denis F. Villorente said that the national broadband plan is now in its last stages of finalization and to be implemented next year.

Also accelerating the deployment of fiber optics in the country was ordered by Duterte to DICT during his inaugural speech last July 25, 2016.

The National Broadband Plan would give everyone the advantage of having a high-speed internet connection, according to DICT website.

According to Vilorente, it also plans to consult various stakeholders from both private and government sectors, citing the Department of Education Transportation and other departments.

“The National Broadband Plan will be formulated and expected to be adopted within the year through a multi-stakeholder process. This would address issues such as among others to ‘Ensure affordable access to every community’ and ‘Improve broadband connectivity’,” said by DICT quoted by GMA.

Globe Telecom Inc. and PLDT Inc. is the private sector that will be talked by Villorente to get their input. The internet users’ hopes that through this national broadband plans, a high-speed internet connection will be obtained by the Philippines which is now suffering for the slow internet connection.