Elies Lenturio, ‘Cobra King’ Dies From Own Pet Snake’s Bite

The ‘Cobra King’ of Barangay Buarbod, Sorsogon City, Elies Lenturio died after he was bitten by his own pet snake.

In Barangay Buarbod, Sorsogon City, Elies Lenturio or alias Peter died from the bite of his own pet snake last Saturday (December 02, 2017).

Peter kept his pet snake inside the u-box of his motorcycle, but the snake turned hostile and bite his left hand as he opens the storage because the snake’s tail got caught on the compartment.

‘Cobra King’ killed his own pet due to his anger through beheading and drinking its blood. He also refused to go to the hospital as he usually treats himself from countless snake bites.

Eventually, Lenturio’s family saw him with foam at his mouth and stiffed body, so they immediately rushed him to the hospital wherein he was declared dead on arrival.

Most residents on their community could not believe Peter’s ironic death as he was known for playing different types of snakes since he was 15 years old.