DJ Mo Twister slams Senator Win Gatchalian Over Cursing Netizens

DJ Mo Twister has slammed Senator Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian for cursing his critics in the social media.

Previously, Senator Win Gatchalian drew criticisms and negative reactions from the different personalities and Filipino citizens after cursing his bashers online.

The senator cursed at netizens lambasting him, which has been the headlines of several local news outlets and numerous social media pages.

The lawmaker allegedly said that he will not apologize for his profanities on Twitter, which garnered negative reactions from some celebrities.

The Pinay singer Lea Salonga has previously commented on Senator Gatchalian’s post cursing the netizens who were criticizing him.

Recently, DJ Mo Twister has lambasted the lawmaker for its unwillingness to apologize for his distasteful comments and remarks to his critics.

“Ha? Won’t apologize? Gag***! Ul***l! Hahahaha! @stgatchalian,” said by Mo Twister.

DJ Mo Twister

A netizen also commented “I get that you have a breaking point. What you don’t get is as a senator, there is a level of control and composure that needs to be displayed in public. “People expected a more eloquent and intelligent response. God bless you.”

The celebrity replied to the netizen saying: “Stupid is as stupid does. It means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. You are what you do.”