Canadian Radio hosts try Jollibee in Winnipeg, Canada and the verdict is good

We’ve always thought that Jollibee is made for Filipino tastebuds, but looks like the crispylicious chicken and Pinoy-style sweet spaghetti is winning hearts to other Canadian citezen.

The hosts of The Ace Burpee Show from Virgin Radio Winnipeg had good words for Jollibee’s langhap-sarap treats. The fun-looking group tried out the Chickenjoy, spaghetti and peach mango pie.

Chrissy Troy gave the chicken two thumbs up. She said that the gravy was “like a big, warm hug.” She totally got it!

LTI pointed out that his spaghetti had hotdogs, which he loved!

Ace Burpee himself didn’t eat anything on video but it looks like he enjoyed the peach mango pie, which Troy also described as “nice and warm.”

The verdict? Looks like Jollibee gained new fans — that or these Canadians were just being polite. We hope its the former

Jollibee opened its first store in Winnipeg, Canada on Dec 15.