Canadian prime Minister Trudeau Promises No Visa for PH Caregivers within His Term

Canadian prime Minister Justine Trudeau on Monday apologized to Filipinos while speaking in front of more than 30,000 Filipino-Canadians in Ontario.

The prime minister attended a celebration sponsored by the Ontario Filipino-Canadian Community in relation to Filipino-Canada Day.

In his speech, Trudeau started with praising the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership.

“I had a good time in the Philippines and the hospitality of your president, President Rodrigo Duterte, was second to none. I will surely love to visit there again if opportunity comes in the future”, the Prime Minister said.

He then continued with a swipe of apology.

“I know some of you might have been offended on what I said about the Philippines’ war on drugs. I didn’t mean to offend everyone. There must have been some misunderstanding, and to all people who have been hurt by my words, please accept my apology”, he continued.

He then talked about the tons of Canadian trash dumped into the Philippines.

“My previous words was misquoted and I want to make it clear. Canada and the Philippines have been good friends for decades and people like me have no right to destroy that friendship. Thus, both of our governments are working to settle than problem and bring those containers of garbage back here, where we can dispose properly”, Trudeau said that follows a big hand of applause.

The highlight of his speech however put some people into tears when he promised to require no visa for all Filipino caregivers who want to work in Canada.

“I am going to ask our immigration office if we can give no visa to these hardworking Filipino caregivers who spend their life caring our parents. I will ask our lawmakers and if they won’t agree with me, I will issue an Executive Order. I want this visa free to Filipino caregivers to take effect immediately”, he said and the people were erupted into joy.

Recent statistics on Canada Ministry of Labor says the country needs at least 15,000 caregivers this 2018 and Filipinos are preferred by almost 80% of Canadians.

One of the problems of Filipinos entering Canada is visa application, which require time, money, and sometimes influence.

Prime minister’s plan could help many Filipinos while he still in office.