Cacai Bautista admits Real Feelings For Ahron Villena

Kapamilya star Cacai Bautista admitted that she fell in love with actor Ahron Villena.

Based on a report, they previously became the center of controversy after Ahron hit back to Cacai’s statement that she accepts him for who he is. The words of the comedienne sparked speculations on the identity of the actor and Ahron expressed his side over it.

There were lots of netizens who bashed the comedienne and tagged her as “bitter” and “assuming”.

Recently, during her appearance in Gandang Gabi Vice, Cacai Bautista admitted her feelings for actor Ahron Villena.

Vice Ganda asked the comedienne if she fell in love with the actor.

“Oo naman!” she reportedly answered.

According to the report, during her guest appearance on the ABS-CBN Sunday show, Cacai Bautista also admitted that she was hurt.

When asked if there is something that happened between her and the actor, the comedienne answered that none happened and it’s annoying that nothing happened between them.

Meanwhile, based on the report, Cacai Bautista shared that she and the actor had kissed. Vice Ganda was surprised with the revelation of the comedienne.

The two celebrities were previously spotted together in several trips abroad. Reportedly, she said that she did not spend for Ahron and both of them pay for their trips.

“Mga lakad namin, hati yun kahit tanungin niyo pa siya. Baka sabihin nanaman niya there was never an us. Wala namang problema sa akin, kung wala, e di wala!” she said.

Meanwhile, the comedienne answered in the affirmative when she was asked if she is okay now and if she has already moved on.