Arrogant taxi driver arguing his passenger caught on video and has gone viral

Rude taxi driver became the hot trend topic over the social media after he was caught on video arguing his passengers while driving.

The presence of the cameras and other gadgets paved the way to clips we see online showing everyday activities of people from different parts of the world.

These gadgets are useful tools when it comes to recording pieces of evidence.

The video showing an arrogant taxi driver caught the attention of the netizens on the social media.

The video shows that the taxi driver and his foreigner passenger is having an argument. But the tension arises when the driver talks about the price of his gasoline.

The quarrel began as a simple disagreement but it quickly escalated into a heated argument. As the video shows that the taxi driver seemed more aggressive compared to the woman who was taking the video while defending their side.

The video which was originally uploaded on Facebook now has thousands of shares from netizens who expressed concern about what happened.

The video which was shared by Pilipinas Viral Videos on Youtube now caught the attention of the online community and has been shared by the netizens who was shocked by the actions of the rude taxi driver.

The video proves that we shouldn’t let anger and hatred consume us especially in dealing with our everyday struggles. Because it will not only result into something bizarre which we later on regret, it will also not solve anything.

The video of the incident was now taking the social media by storm!

Watch the viral video of the entire incident here: