3 Filipinos still standing in 2014 Subaru Palm Challenge in Singapore, last man standing will win 2-litre Subaru Forester worth S$85,000′

The 2014 Subaru Palm Challenge just passed its 3-day mark and three Filipinos are still standing. At stake is a a 2-litre Subaru Forester worth S$85,000.’

400 challengers from Singapore and neighboring countries entered the 2014 Subaru Palm Challenge when it started last Saturday. Now on its 13th year, the rule is simple: the last man left standing with his palm still on the Subaru will win the challenge.

Contestants are given a 5-minute break every six hours. As you can imagine, the most determined always wins.

As of 10 PM last night, 32 participants remained, that’s 16 from Singapore and 16 from other countries, including the three Filipinos- Alex Neblasca, Filmark Bernante and Donn Michael Yap according to Top Gear PH.

No update yet as of this morning.

The best record, so far, was established by the 2008 winner, George Lee, at 81 hours and 32 minutes.

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